"Soulful is more than a book for me, it’s been a journey of wonderment and discovery and it is truly an honor for me to share this journey with you. "

Bill Fleming




“I don’t know which is more brilliant, your creative talents or the wonderful way that you weave your passion for education and advocacy as part of the fab­ric of your creations!”

Jeff Kremer

Director of Donor Appreciation

Big Cat Rescue, Tampa Florida


Soulful is an inspired book created to support the conservation of Big Cats through education. It features 20 of Bill Fleming’s extraordinary Big Cat paintings and detailed educational information about each Big Cat species. It also covers the importance of recognizing that captive Big Cats is by no means a conversational effort.


The Big Cats in the wild are diminishing rapidly and while many assume that the over 12,000 big cats kept in captivity by private owners in the United States alone help support the longevity of the species it only makes things worse.  Most are kept in sub-standard conditions and treated as entertainment curiosities, rather than being revered for being majestic creatures. These animals are not out in their habitat breeding to prolong the species. They are being denied that paramount need. If our solution to keep them around is to take them hostaage, well, the species dies off when they die. 


With your support in purchasing this book we can help educate people about the importance of preserving the safety and security of these marvelous animals, in their natural habitat. Your generous contribution to this fight is greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much on behalf of Komodo Inspiration, myself and all those wonderful Big Cats that have inspired cultures for thousands of years. Let's keep them around to inspire us for thousands more.




At Komodo Inspiration we have one simple mission: To provide inspiration and education in support of the community and by community we mean everything in the world around us, not just us. We work tirelessly to educate people on many topics of great importance and it is our belief that the preservation of the many extraordinary Big Cat species that have provided us with inspiration for thousands of years is of paramount importance. We are dedicated do doing all that we can to enlighten people to the beauty, majestry and importance of the amazing animals.

You will find that Komodo Inspiration books are unique. They are brief, informative, inspirational and to the point. We do not believe in padding page count to justify retail pricing. Our goal is to provide you a maximum value in a page count that is easy on the eyes. To that end we strive to give you the very best with the least amount of effort on your part. Your satisfaction is as much a priority to us as the efforts we make to support the community. After all, you are the community.

We hope you enjoy this uniquely inspirational book. 




About the Author 


Bill Fleming is a world-renown artist, author and educator with more than 1 million books and magazines in print. Bill has been doing art for more than three decades and his thirst for discovering new expressions of his creativity grows greater as the years pass. Bill has dedicated much of his time to sharing his knowledge of art in the effort to empower artists to realize their visions. His tireless efforts have left an indelible impression on the art community worldwide. Bill's ‘do anything’ attitude has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to achieve their dreams.